How to wash my trainers in the washing machine?

Don’t be so quick to throw your trainers in the washing machine – not all of them will come out sparkling - some may be shapeless or a size smaller! And it’s all dependent on the fabric they’re made from. Shoes made from leather or suede are more susceptible to water damage compared with sneakers made from synthetics materials like polyester and nylon which are more hard-wearing and can happily withstand rounds in the washing machine.

This is why it’s really important to follow the instruction on the care label attached to your shoes to find out if they can be put in the washing machine or will need to be hand washed.

Step one

Start with removing the laces from your trainers and scrape off any excess mud or dirt from the surface using a wire brush or an old toothbrush. This means you can wash your trainers on a gentle cycle to wash away the remaining dirt.

tangled shoelaces

Step two

Put your trainers and laces inside a wash bag and then place the bag inside the washing machine. This stops the trainers from getting stuck on the inside of the machine, mainly between the rubber door seal.

shoe bag


Step three

If you’ve ever washed trainers before you’ll know what a racket it is as they spin around the drum. Placing towels in the load not only reduces the noise but also helps to protect any damage to the trainers when knocking around in the machine.



Step four

It’s advised to wash your trainers using a cold water temperature as this prevents the colours from fading and running out. Another helpful tip is to use a high-quality colour detergent in a dosing ball, which you can chuck in with your trainers.

cold water wash


Can I dry my trainers in the tumble dryer?

No, do not do this, as it will cause your trainers to shrink as well as run the risk of damaging them by melting the binding adhesives on the soles. It’s always advised to air dry your trainers by placing them outside or in a cool dry area. Never try to speed up the drying time by placing them on a radiator, this will warp the shape of the trainers which could look and feel terrible.

no tumble washing


That’s it, so if your trainers are looking worn, tired and a bit dirty, it’s easy to bring them back to life, just like the day you bought them… well almost!

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