How to wear Presence trainers

Trainers or sneakers are the most practical trend that has come out in years. For the most part of the 20th century they were exclusively worn for physical exercise, however, fashion today has become drastically more casual and so wearing trainers is now a staple for your everyday outfit, regardless of demographic.

Our trainers offer a pretty frock the edgy look, gives jeans the classic look and fitted trousers the super trendy look.

There are literally thousands of trainer styles out there so it's important to wear a pair that makes you feel like you’re walking on cloud 9 all day. That's why we put comfort at the top of our design list to ensure your feet feel almost as good as being wrapped up in bed.

Lola trainers are available in 4 colourways and designed to be your 'go-to' pair of shoes; they’re made to be cool, retro and unique - without being too loud. White, cream, black or grey - Lola’s are a perfect match with every outfit but a wetsuit.

If you want to go for a neutral look then the white or cream are perfect to complete your outfit, giving it that special elevation in style. For something a little more contrasty the black or grey are for you. Our Lola trainers can be paired with almost any outfit, here's our top three styles.

The 3 ways we recommend styling your trainers

How to wear jeans and trainers

women wearing grey leather sneakers
This is hands down our favourite way to wear trainers; they keep you looking relaxed and casual. Perfect for feeling comfortable in your everyday routine. The secret to wearing this look successfully is to pair them with socks that match nicely with your kicks like our Lucy Leopard Print Socks or alternatively a pair of secret socks that give your shoes that clean and simple look.
Woman wearing jeans and black leather sneakers

How to wear trainers with dresses

Woman walking in cream beige leather sneakers
For those summer events make life easier for yourself by slipping on a pair of our white trainers with your dress. Our Lola’s give you that little added height without the discomfort of heels, are incredibly flattering on the ankles and most importantly keep you pain-free if you’re planning to be on your feet all day. If you’re a taller woman, we recommend a maxi dress that comes to around your ankles, if you’re more on the petit side then a knee high dress works best with a pair of trainers, giving you that fun, cool look.
woman wearing a maxi dress and beige leather leopard print sneakers

How to wear trainers with shorts

woman wearing white leather sneakers
If you’re heading on a city break, a good pair of trainers will be your best friend! While exploring during warmer weather, shorts feel and look great, so complete the look with a super comfy pair of Lola trainers to keep your feet happy and out of mind.
woman wearing white leather sneaker

You can find our full collection of beautiful suede, hair-on and leather trainers here.

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