Our support for the African Wildlife Foundation

At Presence, we believe in giving back, which is why we support the African Wildlife Foundation to help protect all the beautiful creatures of Africa. Presence donates 1% from every sale towards the greater good of animal welfare in Africa.

Africa is home to some of the world's most endangered species, including the mountain gorilla, Chimpanzee, Grevy’s zebra, Black rhino and Ethiopian wolf. To protect populations from further decline, AWF is on-the-ground safeguarding which involves training rangers and using sniffer dogs to stop wildlife traffickers. Wildlife must survive in their natural habitats, so they empower local communities through conservation-friendly development and work with international agencies to protect Africa’s natural resources.


A message from our founder

“Personally I feel a strong connection to Africa, my parents are both from South Africa and serendipity brought me to marry a South African. I have very fond childhood memories of visiting the wilds of the African bush in Southern Africa - there truly is no other place like it on earth. It’s full of excitement, teeming with life, lush, green, peaceful and the roar of a lion will take your breath away. When starting Presence, I wanted the brand to stand for something good and positive. That is why we give 1% of every sale towards the greater good of animal welfare. I want to continue the tradition of visiting the bush with my own children by showing them the beauty this incredible continent has to offer and hope to do so for many many years to come.” Laurence



Here at Presence, we source all our leather from cattle hides which are a byproduct of the meat industry, as cattle are reared for their protein, not their hides. We're continually working hard to ensure visibility and traceability all the way back to the farm. Our leather is made in a gold star-rated tannery which is audited annually by the Leather Working Group, the standard global governing body that monitors the level of impact on the environment caused by leather production.

None of our products are made using endangered species, and all of our animal prints are made using printed patterns on cattle hair-on hides.